Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pin Cushion Swap

Well 1st March is here (Happy Birthday Mum) and I was FINALLY able to open a little package that I had hidden from myself to avoid temptation. A lovely Japanese inspired pin cushion, which is just so pretty. It has already had use tonight and passed with flying colours (my sewing tonight not so successful). Thankyou to my gift giver (Unlike others over in EB I am completely clueless - although I could do some investigation I reckon......)

Unfortunately my recipient didn't receive hers (it's sitting at her local post office). Hopefully she will like it when she opens it tomorrow.


Becky said...

Ohhhh, very nice! And I think I have seen that fabric used in the EB beginners challenge for the gratitude wrap so think I can guess who it is from!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like it tammy ;)

I forget my name dosen't link with my user name

Cyliebug said...

It's lovely. Lucky you!

Roxys said...

Oh thankyou BBJ!!! Yeah I didn't really try to suss it out because I thought they were going to be surprises. Thankyou!!