Sunday, November 16, 2008


A friend in my mothers group made this for me. I drive us around (which is no hassle because she's 5 mins away) but she wanted to say thanks. I'm so in love with it. I tried to make one ages ago and was totally hopeless with it, but she is very talented.

Ottobre Jacket

I'm too excited about this jacket that, although it isn't finished, I needed to blog it already!! It's reversable and slightly A-Line. I got the wrong sized buttons and it needs a little belt piece on the back of the blue side, but other than that all done!!! The pictures aren't the best but they do enlarge to show a bit more detail.

Here is the pattern from the mag:

Bucket Hat

I have finally gotten around to blogging this hat. This is the 2nd attempt, the first was a little small for my darlings larger sized head!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Skirt

Ok, so this is along the procrastination line. Here is the first thing I ever made! It is a wrap skirt which needed a button hole and I didn't know how to do them, so I put it away. I finally did one last night and having a look at the quality is very embarassing but also encouraging to see that I have improved slightly!!! Sorry about the clothes underneath and the dishes in the background, it was the easiest way to get a picture this morning. The tie is also too long so when I get around to making another I will adjust this.

Play Ball

Here is a little play ball I finally finished for Em. I'm a hopeless procrastinator and when I get to the boring stuff I put it off for ages. With this ball it was the circles (or septagons!) at the top that I needed to handsew. Was going to make a set but have other more exciting things to make. Maybe later.......