Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first Order

Here is my first order of fabrics. They are so devine I am in love. My SL is currenly closed and I am very limited with any other choices for fabric. This store I ordere from however is at least in the same state and only a couple of hours away where I plan to go for a hens night in a couple of weeks, so will definitely be visiting in person.

Pinny# 2

Here is a dress for DD I made out of scrap material left over from Christmas presents. It's not entirely wearable but it's not made too badly!! DD liked it and that's the main thing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Something for Me

This skirt is the first thing that I have made for myself. It was VERY easy. It doesn't fit as well as I had hoped, but not too bad for my first go. I will definitely make some more when my local material shop re opens.

Turning Japanese

This cute little top is from a Japanese pattern book. I had actually made the top over a month ago but couldn't figure (ie read the japanese) to know how much elastic to use!!

Christmas Present for me!!!!

These are the patterns I orderd on behalf of my husband. He did get given a list of what I wanted but he is very busy leading up to christmas so I ended up getting money and "permission" to order.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cork Board

This was a Christmas present I made for my 10yr old niece. It is a corkboard, with pockets down the bottom for a few pens and a pad holder. I was quite happywith it overall, however the back is slightly messy but when it's hanging you aren't able to see it.