Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cross Stich Christmas Cards

These are christmas cards made for the two little girls in Emma's mothers group. I had her scribble on the bottom in case you thought I was being very messy!!

The Dress in Action

So here is my mums group dress in action. Em has had a little growth spurt so, although slightly big, still can pass as wearable. This is 10 o'clock at night so she is a little worn out!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Presents

Hi have to pass a big thanks to the designer of this crayon roll. For some reason I always had little problems making the other ones but this was easy peezy and looks so much better than the others. It is for my nephew for Christmas. He is only 2 and I thought I would replace the ribbon with some elastic and it works well for tying it up.

For his sister I made a notebook holder and tote bag. The notebook holder is actually a bit small for A5 (even though it is meant for that!!). I have found a sketch book I need to just cut down a little and it will fit perfectly.

For their other sister my final christmas project is a cork board for her. Stay tuned.....

Friday, December 5, 2008

To do List is smaller than the Have Done list!!!

I needed to comment on this, I seem to finally be making headway which is nice! Will have to now start adding more things on the to do list.

Oven Mitt Challenge

Over at EB beginner sewers we had an oven mitt challenge for November. It took me nearly 3 weeks just to get the materials I needed so I was a bit late finishing. It was my first attempt at using batting as well as making my own bias tape. Overall I am very happy with my attempt, however I haven't tested it with heat yet!!! I also made a matching pot holder (my first Amy Butler design!!).